There are many different types of psychometric assessments.

They are usually designed by psychologists and provide additional information that helps an employer or coach to form an overall profile of you and to predict how you will function in the workplace.

Psychometric assessment can also be used as an instrument to enhance self-awareness, assist with career development and help you understand what makes you tick.

Potential Unlimited uses a range of psychometric assessment tools and online assessment designed to enhance skills and competencies in the areas of:

  • Leading and learning
  • Communicating and making decisions
  • Managing change and conflict
  • Assessing emotional intelligence
  • Team building and organisational development.


  • The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – the world’s premier scientifically valid and reliable instrument that gives clear insight regarding our personality preference and tendencies. Various reports can be generated to assist with career planning, understanding leadership and organisational development.
  • Team Management Systems – more than one million people have completed a Team Management Profile Questionnaire, in more than 160 countries. Its international success is testament to its unrivalled acceptance as a major tool for personal, team and organisational development.
  • Emotional Intelligence – the new EQ-I 2.0 measures emotional intelligence (EI) and how it can impact people and the workplace. While EI isn’t the sole predictor of human performance and development potential, it is proven to be a key indicator in these areas.





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