Life Coaching for Women

Barbara is passionate about helping women to overcome adversity and empowering them to use their strengths in new ways, to follow their bliss and flourish the mindful way for enduring fulfilment.

She is trained in the field of human development, brain science, organisational behaviour, relationship counselling, positive psychology, mindfulness, professional writing and expressive arts.

Her strengths include love of learning, creativity, appreciation of beauty and excellence, perspective and wisdom and the capacity to love and be loved in return.

A Personal Approach for Women

As an empowered life coach, I’m committed to helping mature age women adapt to change and follow their bliss ‘the mindful way’ post menopause and into the third age.

Throughout the process new passions are aroused and meaning becomes clearer. The process is especially much more meaningful for me when I work with motivated women who are struggling with work life issues, relationships, career change or retirement, and are longing for more.

They may already have achieved a measure of success in their field but are experiencing a heartfelt longing for meaning. Something in their life is missing.

After discovering the power of positive psychology – which focuses on what’s right with people rather than what’s wrong – I started combining mindfulness for creativity with character strengths, which empowered clients to flourish the mindful way. The results were amazing!

When women learn how to ‘change their mindset’ and use strengths in new ways to flourish their happiness is almost palpable and they grow from strength to strength.

Because empowered coaching is so life affirming, I get to share in feelings of joy and abundance. It is truly a most satisfying and richly rewarding model for change – and I feel blessed being part of the process.

If you have an unfulfilled dream or are searching for meaning, it’s time to follow your bliss the mindful way to rediscover your true self and build a better life. You don’t have to do it alone. Help and inspiration is available for those who need it the most and are not afraid to reach out!

Upcoming Programs

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  • Inspired Spirit Coaching
  • Creativity Coaching

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