The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

More and more women are turning to life coaching to follow their dreams, improve performance, enhance relationships and achieve goals.

Although not always easy, life coaching changes and transforms you. It’s about increasing your motivation, telling your own story and creating your own dreams. Life coaching for women can rekindle lost passion and energy and give you the feeling of being back in control of your life…at last.


Some specific benefits include:

  • Clarifying your purpose and values
  • Reinventing or rediscovering yourself
  • Having a sounding board for ideas, plans and strategies
  • Setting more effective goals in a balanced lifestyle
  • Having someone to keep you focused, challenge and confront you when you’re falling behind on commitments.
  • Emotional and social support during tough times.

Above all life coaching for women empowers you to make significant change in your life, to identify and use your strengths in new ways to flourish and create the balanced lifestyle YOU WANT, really, really want to achieve!


It’s important to remember that meaningful change takes time and effort. The content in this program is flexible and focused on what’s important for you.

Sessions are normally held face to face with Skype or timed telephone calls arranged to suit busy lifestyles. Additional sessions for multiple goals can include psychometric assessment to enhance personal or professional success.

Fees are based on an hourly rate and health fund rebates may apply.

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