Whether you’re an executive, self-employed or an employee, Potential Unlimited makes it a priority to understand your needs within a work life context.

Coaching may be sought for any number of reasons. For instance:

  • Enhancing career and/or promotional opportunities
  • Developing leadership competencies and emotional intelligence
  • Recognising and managing organisational stress and pressure
  • Dealing with conflict both personal and with colleagues
  • Debriefing with a confidant about a difficult situation to gain a new perspective.

Executive coaching is about transformational change. So, if you’re looking for new ways to shine from the inside out, executive coaching can help you adapt to change, discover your destiny and unlock the secret to living a more exciting passionate life.


Some typical goals and benefits:

  • Solutions focused programs to advance your career in a balanced lifestyle
  • Maximising goal setting, and priorities and managing time more effectively
  • Building resilience to overcome adversity and bounce back stronger
  • Developing leadership skills, emotional intelligence and strengths to flourish
  • Professional development to enhance job or promotional opportunities.

Executive coaching operates outside the workplace – you get to set the agenda. If emergencies come up you can choose to deal with those first. It’s your choice!


Programs are individually designed to feed the soul as well as the mind and include evidence based strategies for personal and professional transformation.

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