My list of favourite self-help books!

This is my list of favourite self-help books! It is drawn from the thousands of self-help books I have read or reviewed over the last fifteen years as a practicing psychologist, life coach and trainer.This list comprises a wide variety of topics on success, happiness and positive psychology with many different approaches and a wealth of healthful and transformational ideas. And best of all – these are GREAT books, the cream of the crop of self-help that can change your life!This is not an all-time “best hits list.” Success Classics like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People don’t appear here. These are great books—but in this list I’m looking at those books that are more targeted to our 21st century experience. Times have changed and so have our reading habits.For readers in the fast lane this list offers an opportunity to become acquainted with a dazzling array of the key works in psychological literature to inspire and fulfill your own potential and achieve a deeper sense of purpose and peace of mind with landmark books—many of which can be downloaded on Kindle.The 100 self-help books from timeless sages to contemporary gurus are in no particular order. The first 40 books provide a critique of the content and there are an additional 60 titles I have downloaded and read on Kindle.Many of the books on the list have made a tremendous difference to my life and inspired hundreds of people I have had the privilege of working with helping them to explore life changing ideas, overcome adversity and harness their potential for enduring fulfillment.

The list is a work in progress. Feel free to comment on the titles and let me know your favourites!

100 Inspiratonal Self Help Books BM